Search Friendly Content and Choosing Keywords

A good way to think about keywords when talking about website content writing is to think of the keyword as a “search term”. It is very important to understand the use of industry keywords in your website content as this is something an internet user while type into a search engine in order to find your website.

Keyword Research

Research is a must before you start writing content for a website. You want to check and research keywords for the content you are writing as this improves your content's relevance and search-ability.

In order to find the right keywords related to the industry or topic you are writing about, it is important that you research your audience, for instance, what sort of terms do your customers use to describe the product or services that you offer?

If you start with good keyword research when writing your content, your writing and your rankings will benefit.

Keyword Optimization

Once you have a good list of keywords, it is best to refine it and use the best keywords, you are looking to eliminate less interesting keywords and ones with a lower search count. 

It is always a good idea to include your keywords in your content, however, this is a delicate process. A term referred to as “keyword stuffing” is exactly what it sounds like. This is the practice of stuffing keywords in the content just for the sake of adding keywords to your content. Keyword stuffing is not the optimal way to insert your keywords into web content. Your keywords in your content should feel natural and not forced. 

Keyword Tools

There are many online SEO tools for keyword research and optimization and the best part is many of them are free and easy to use. Using a keyword tool is a good place to start for keyword research.