Microsoft Clarity is a web analytics tool provided by Microsoft. It is designed to help website owners and developers understand user behavior on their websites by providing insights into how visitors interact with the content. Microsoft Clarity offers features such as session recording, heatmaps, and analytics to help improve user experience and optimize website performance.

Key features of Microsoft Clarity include:

Session Recording: Allows website owners to record and replay user sessions, providing a visual representation of how visitors navigate through the site. This feature can help identify usability issues, user frustrations, and areas for improvement.

Heatmaps: Generates heatmaps that visualize the areas of a webpage that receive the most and least interaction. Heatmaps can show where users click, move the mouse, or scroll, providing valuable information about user engagement.

Analytics Dashboard: Provides an overview of key metrics such as user engagement, bounce rates, and popular pages. This data helps website owners understand overall website performance and make informed decisions for optimization.

Insights: Offers insights into specific user interactions and behaviors, helping website owners identify patterns, trends, and areas of concern. This information can be used to enhance user experience and address potential issues.