1. Use of personal data

Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable data subject, including names, ages, addresses, and email addresses. A data subject are understood to be identified or identifiable if the data subject can possibly be directly or indirectly identified on the basis of one or more specific factors to said subject's identity - whether physical, physiological, economic, cultural or social. 

We collect, process and retain personal data to the extent it is necessary to provide users with our service, especially for the following purposes: collecting statistics, displaying relevant advertisements, identifying registered users, retaining the likes, search preferences, and video preferences of registered users, etc. We do not collect, process or retain personal data unless allowed under statutory laws, required by a judicial or governmental order, or the user has given its consent. All personal data we collect is collected independently by us using our own means. We use automatic processing of personal data via our information system.

Unregistered Users

Persons who visit CoryHighfield.com without logging in or registering are unregistered users. The only personal data we collect from unregistered users is their IP addresses, which is tacitly consented to by visiting CoryHighfield.com as an unregistered user. IP addresses collected from unregistered users are not associated in any way with the users' specific activity on the site, (e.g. videos viewed).  Unregistered users' IP addresses are only used to prepare aggregate statistics about the overall activity on CoryHighfield.com. These aggregate statistics do not contain any personal information; they only contain general information such as the countries of visitors and the types of electronic devices used to access the site.

Registered Users

Registered users are persons who choose to create an account with CoryHighfield.com. It is possible to create an account without providing your name; an alias or pseudonym is permitted. Registration is confirmed via emailed link upon account creation. If registration is confirmed, you accept to receive emails to notify specific events such as new friends requests, likes on your uploads etc.

When users create accounts they are creating profile pages that, if they so choose, the public and other CoryHighfield.com registered users can view. Such access can be restricted by the registered user via individual adjustments to privacy settings on their profile page. Content displayed on the profile can be chosen and changed by the user. 

We collect the following data from registered users:

Any information the user submits to us during account creation, such as username, password, name, email address, password, country, region, and age; and
The IP address at the time of account creation; and 
Any information a user submits to us using our contact form; and
Any content created by the user (e.g. comments posted, photos and videos uploaded); and
The IP address at the time of any video upload by the user; and
The clicks and views of the user; and
Any voluntary information the user provides to personalize the user's account (for example, adding a video to their favorite lists or linking to another social media account).
This information may contain sensitive information about the user including the sexual preferences, ethnicity and religion of the user if he/she wishes to share this information to connect with other users. This information is retained only until the information in the user's account is changed or deleted by the user. The information is only viewable to other registered users of CoryHighfield.com and is not shared publicly. The information is not disclosed or processed in any other ways not described here.
Except to the extent detailed above, we do not track registered users' activity on CoryHighfield.com. Clicks and video views are not tracked in association with users, only aggregate statistics of clicks and views are collected and prepared. Please also see additional information about cookies below.

2. Cookies and Google Analytics

We use cookies to collect information about how CoryHighfield.com is used.

Cookies are text files that are placed by the browser in the memory of a user's device when CoryHighfield.com is visited. CoryHighfield.com uses session cookies and persistent cookies:

- Session cookies enable the collection and connection of user's actions during a particular browser session. The session cookies expire and are deleted when the browser is closed or when the user logs out of their account.

- Persistent cookies are stored beyond the end of a browser session, surviving for a predefined period of time. CoryHighfield.com uses persistent cookies for the following information and purposes:

Identifying a registered user; and
Keeping some search preferences; and
Keeping the likes of the unregistered users; and
Saving the video player’s preferences; and
Displaying the advertisements; and
Collecting statistics concerning the loading speeds of pages.

The cookie function can be disabled by the user from within their browser's options. The browser used for visiting this website will offer specific information about cookie functions and options. Aboutcookies.org provides additional details regarding the control and/or deletion of cookies. If cookies are disabled, the user might not be able to use all the functions and services of CoryHighfield.com.

In addition, CoryHighfield.com uses Remarketing Tools and Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"), using third-party cookies that enable Google to analyze the use of CoryHighfield.com. The information generated by the cookie about the use of this website is transferred to a Google server in North America. Note that we have activated Google’s IP anonymization service “anonymizeIP” for CoryHighfield.com which shortens a user’s IP address prior to the transfer.

Google will use this information on our behalf to evaluate the use of CoryHighfield.com, to compile reports for activities on CoryHighfield.com, and to provide other services to us relating to CoryHighfield.com.

Google Analytics operates under the following terms:

Terms of Service: https://www.google.com/analytics/terms/gb.html
Privacy Statement: https://www.google.com/intl/en/analytics/learn/privacy.html
Privacy Policy: https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy The user can prevent Google from collecting and processing the data concerning the use of CoryHighfield.com (including the IP address) by installing a browser-plug-in which is available under https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

3. Data Security

Note that all data is kept in a secure environment on our main servers located worldwide such as in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Access is provided to a limited number of our employees on a restricted basis, and all employees who are provided such access are bound to keep all personal information confidential. 

We protect personal data by using appropriate safeguard procedures and measures such as:

SSL encryption – you can reach our SSL protected website under https://CoryHighfield.com. Access limitation to authorized persons; Regular backups.

4. User’s rights

Any user, whether registered or unregistered, may visit https://CoryHighfield.com/contact to demand correction or deletion of their personal data, demand information on their personal data that is stored, or object to any processing of personal data by us. Such demands may be made at any time. 

A user with an account may, at any time, correct or delete his information directly by using the corresponding interface in his profile.

If a user desires to terminate his/her CoryHighfield.com account, he can do so by contacting us under https://CoryHighfield.com/contact. Upon termination all personal data retained will be immediately and permanently removed from our servers.

5. Communication

We only contact users by email or phone:

in response to a user’s email;
in case of a specific event, if the user's registration is confirmed;
if we have serious questions regarding the user’s uploads; or
if one or more upload by the user results in a take-down notice issued to us..

6. Transfers

We reserve the right to, when required by applicable law, share any and all information concerning a user account and/or website usage when the information is in our possession, in order to comply with legal obligation including the cooperation with public authorities.

We also reserve the right to store, transfer and process personal data for the purpose of preventing and prosecuting criminal activities in accordance with applicable laws.

We do not share personal information with advertisers or sell personal information to third parties.

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This document was last updated on the 1st of June, 2019.