Help web users as well as search engines easily find what your website is about and what content is on each of your web pages.

Why are Headlines and Title Tags Important?

It is important to have relevant and well thought out headlines and title tags to go along with your content.

Your headlines and title tags should be accurate and reflect what your content is about so when a web user does a search your content will come up in the search results.

What are Meta Descriptions?

Meta descriptions allow you to give a bit more detail than the headline and title tag.

Meta descriptions are essentially a short paragraph placed in the HTML of a website that describes the content of the website. They are shown in search engine results and can be tailored specifically.

What are the Benefits of Optimizing Meta Descriptions?

The more accurate, descriptive and relevant your meta descriptions the more likely that is going to influence a decision by a web user clicking on your link in the search engine results.

Basic Checklist for Meta Descriptions

Do not keyword stuff – Make sure to write legible and natural and that the meta descriptions read like a regular sentence.

Keyword stuffing will make your website seem like spam and does not help the web user.

Length – Keep meta descriptions short and to the point. If they are too long the end will get cut-off and not show up in the search engine results.

Keywords – Make sure that keywords related to the content of your website appear in the meta description.

Relevance – Make sure that your meta descriptions are relevant, appealing, and accurately reflect the content on your website.