Put simply, a large part of any long term SEO strategy is to make sure the content on your website is relevant, fresh, unique and searchable.

Content for Websites

Every website needs content whether that website is a travel blog, informational website or a website selling a product. Content is simply the information that users will view and consume when they visit a website. 

Some Basic Examples of Where SEO Content can be Used

Articles: News articles, magazine articles, what you expect to find in an online newspaper or magazine. 

Lists: Very similar to an article, except in list format. An example of this kind of list article would be '5 easy meals to prepare in under 20 minutes' or '10 things you should not do on your first date'.

These types of list articles accompanied with the appropriate title appear to be more clickable when they appear in social media feeds or in search results. Internet users like lists and they like having answers and information broken down into lists. 

Blogs: Blogs are very flexible and can be of a variety of topics such as food, travel, and business. When a blog is part of your website it adds an engaging and an attractive element.

Product Pages: These are websites offering products and services for sale. You want your product and services to be easily searchable, well organized and easy to consume. 

Guides and Informational Pages:  These websites answer questions the user may have. They explain to the user how to do something or they provide the user with relevant information. 

The Goal of SEO and Having Good Content

The goal or purpose of SEO is organizing and optimizing a website and the content of a website so the user can readily find it through a search engine such as Google or Bing.