Choosing the right web developer, SEO and content writer are essential to your online business and to its website. 

Start with the Right Goals

As a small or large organization, business or company, you want to sit down and consider what goals you want when hiring an SEO.

Some examples of these goals are trying to increase web traffic from a targeted group and at the same time increasing revenue or boosting the number of people that sign-up or download from your website.

How Will a Search Audit Help?

Keyword Research
Will your SEO contractor research keywords for your industry? Keyword research is an important part of SEO success.

Analysis of your Website
Will your SEO company include a detailed analysis of your website's design and layout, coding, content, and links?

Link Strategy
Will your SEO consultant provide you with a link strategy, assessing broken or outdated links as well as promoting your website through third party websites?

Analyzing your Competitors
Will your SEO partner analyze your competitors' websites? Your SEO needs to understand the failures and successes of your competitors in order to understand your business strategy and implement it.

Will your SEO strategist be using your existing content or are they willing to overhaul your content to ensure proper keyword placement, headlines, tag lines, meta data and check for duplicate content? Quality content forms a large part of SEO, so never hire an SEO company that says content is not important.

Some Questions You Should Ask

Ask for references – Your SEO should have previous experience and a proven track record of getting results.

Ask how your site will be monitored, maintained, and improved over time – SEO is not just a one-time quick analysis, SEO changes along with search engine algorithms as well as internal changes. You want to make sure that your website is always up to date without broken links or offerings that are no longer available.

Ask if you will be provided with reports – A good SEO will site audit your website and provide you with reports based on the various SEO techniques and tools used to analyze your website.


Finding a good SEO for your company does not mean finding the cheapest SEO to perform the work needed to improve your website. At the same time, hiring the most expensive SEO is also not the best strategy. What you should be looking for is an SEO company that understands your company's needs and budget and can perform the work you require within your company's expenditure limits.